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The Metrology of IP streams is designed to synthesize the communications in transit over a computer network. This traffic analysis carries out continuous retention of traces and the generation of dashboards. It consolidate and overlap the information contained in the data and analysis by humans is not possible without suitable tools.

Automated analysis of frames is made in real time on the links sent to the probe by a aggregate fill trades. The result (the compiled statistics) is then used by a display module that presents a detailed reporting to the Management Information. It is detailed in the form of graphs making it relevant and easy to use.

Carry out an analysis of flow, Yes, but for what goals?Menu ReactivOn

  • Precise have a knowledge flows transiting its LAN and WAN networks
  • Quickly diagnose any incident linked to the network
  • Guide easily the investment and development projects of the ISD
  • Know the behavior of the application flow having transited
  • Predict increases in flow and management of QoS policies
  • Analyze the impact of the network on the performance of the applications

Technology distributed by ReactivOn is optimization of the infrastructure of its customers so they can define more than just resources to assign to their various services. Thus available reporting at any time to quickly highlight the future improvements to the network.

Conservation of the connection information
In line with the law on terrorism on January 23, 2006, ReactivOn tools enable the conservation of information sessions as well as traffic on any type of link IP data: stream by stream and up to 3 years of history.

Instrument your network to follow the evolution of critical flowsMenu ReactivOn

Sometimes unknown makers, probes dedicated to metrology of flows are however essential for the monitoring of IT infrastructure. The means of communication and storage security are one of the main tasks of a DSI. This area is in direct link with the range of tools developed by ReactivOn.

The company is positioned on a specialized area,(RNA) retrospective network analysis. The goal is to streamline networks in relying on the extraction flow to flow. The purpose of a sniffer is detection of the abnormal events to provide resolution tracks for the DSI. Much more accessible than matrices of digits, casings ReactivOn user interface offers you a pleasant navigation through numerous paintings of edge. A methodology was developed to identify abnormal behaviors on IP traffic. The data displayed are thus popularized to be percutantent.

ReactivOn has made the choice to design an engine unique treatment in its kind. The objective is to provide relevant indicators in real time. s the company has thus a master full scan frames, in freeing themselves open-source modules despite R & D investment that this represents.

  • Very strong increase in flows with a ratio between the backbone and the constant degradation servers
  • More frequent use of mechanisms of load distribution (high availability) which requires a high degree of reordering = impact load CPU of servers and so application performance to reassemble the packets
  • Ceremonial blast with P2P, still up sharply
  • Significant increase of UDP over TCP traffic, especially for games online
  • Complexity of transport (IPSEC, SSL VPN) protocols: for example, by scanning the traffic on port 443, the probability is strong that ca is not "simply" HTTPS frames but another illegitimate Protocol encapsulated in SSL to appear as an application "clean".
  • Load Balancing Server Load Balancing (), the idea of a virtual server to distribute the load across servers 'physical': how to know what is the failed server?
  • Concentration of services "off-sites" and pooling of servers. More and more geographically distributed enterprises rely to consolidation with effect of edge a need in network throughput far more important than in the past and especially the constraint to believe in the reliability of a storage outside of the DSI. It is more difficult to control the compliance of all sensitive exchanges chain (because today exploded).

By quickly getting an x-ray of your feeds and dashboards immediately actionable, you improve that you thought you have assigned to critical trade priority.

Analysis permanent node of the network support teams of the ISD to quickly determine the causes of slowdown to determine whether they are or not, due to the network.

Think about analyzing your traffic to:
  • Know and understand the State of health of the infrastructure: who, what, when and how the traffic circulates on the network?
  • Solve various problems encountered such as know the uses of each application or measure the effectiveness of the network and its resources
  • Fight against malfunctions and abnormal behaviors
  • Detect security incidents, defects and vulnerabilities
  • Control interventions in the emergency which may be due to operational losses
  • Anticipate the evolution of the network and thus understand the impact of changes
  • Plan the effect of a new application
  • Improve the performance of SI following the day the day felt user
  • Monito
RER service classes to ensure your quality of service (SLA)
  • Know the uses of each application to measure the effectiveness of the network and thus optimize the use of resources, the policy of quality of Service (QoS), or the security of the network

  • Analysis of network traffic, without compromise of catch size, allows to diagnose with a rapidity unparalleled problems of security (DoS, Worms) and act accordingly.

    Previously, teams of the ISD was to oversee the areas for which they have management. However, currently the supervision shall be made on services that are more hosted internally but are beyond the domain of the company (for example Google Apps).

    It is often difficult to explain the origin of slowness of the network or application without a clear trace to its governance. A standalone tool to monitor precisely each data transmitted and received in every moment of the day wouldn't be a real advantage? It is interesting to note that number of users of the ReactivOn probes are surprised to see how it is also so simple to get a Visual on the sometimes complex to interpret data. It is a real advantage in the management of the SI because it is not necessary to invest daily in the phases of understanding of network.

    The analysis of digital uses helps the DSI to be more reactive with a knowledge of all streams that pass through its infrastructure, more generally called "the measure of the performance of the IT resources".

    ReactivOn helps its clients understand what it actually happens on their infrastructures by offering them continually relevant indicators in their decision making.

    The optimization of the traffic to the rescue of the health of the networkMenu ReactivOn

    The outsourcing of the application adds a crossing of the network delay. This phenomenon is also noticeable between the corporate headquarters and a remote site. This slowness can quickly become stressful for the user behind his screen. ReactivOn offers you a screenshot of these flows on strategic points on your network so in measure easily the felt quality.

    Make use of a sniffer network, is to make the choice of a logic of economy both bandwidth oversized servers. Gain visibility obtained allows to accelerate the priority of an application data critical.

    Adopt a network function of the reality of practice managementMenu ReactivOn

    To responsiveness of applications comparable to that available on a local network, it is advisable to search optimization of traffic.

    The return on investment (ROI) of a ReactivOn probe can be less than 12 months, including when productivity gains are targeted by a net reduction of service downtime. Note that the scan of the SI does not require a change in infrastructure. It remains unchanged and therefore without additional cost. The where you lose orders during periods of strong commercial activities, you can optimize access to your application so that they properly absorb the traffic increases.

    Using sniffers ReactivOn, you can diagnose the performance degradations due to backups poorly positioned to undeclared hosts on your LAN or even to a new application using a band bandwidth beyond what you had accrued. Many possible improvements in the management of the network stream can overcome time slices overloaded and thus impacting users.

    What has changed in recent yearsMenu ReactivOn

    We have witnessed a fast erasure of boundaries between LAN, MAN and WAN. This observation however hides a problem because the communication of two machines on each of these different types of network is different:
    • Latency limit : If the server is remote, there is the incompressible limit of the speed of light
    • Number of crossed equipment : queues where packets share the same links = no control shares
    • Crossed links flow : the client cannot interact with the ability to link so it is put on hold when there is saturation
    • Number of users on the same links : uses are orthogonal, a user will need to link sparsely loaded with very little variation in delay while another will want to pass the largest amount of data possible

    Sharp increase in criticity of network serviceMenu ReactivOn

    Over the past years, there were three major phenomena:
    • Regular new services deployment : business (ToIP), recreational (social networks, streaming services) or the arrival of IPv6
    • Common perimeter network modification and more dense concentration of services out of business
    • Quick-change uses and available bandwidths

    ReactivOn is at your disposal to go furtherMenu ReactivOn

    ReactivOn develops in France of hardware sensors dedicated to the analysis of trade in transit on computer networks. Originally designed for large companies, this technology meets a broad range of needs such as the fight against attacks, optimization of the application, the reproduction of symptoms, chargeback or the retention of data.

    To find out more in detail the characteristics of the ReactivOn probes, we invite you to browse the brochures available on the site or on www.facebook.com/ reactivondirectly. To go further, you can make a request for demonstration to our teams.

    They can guide you in the choice of the solutions most adapted to your market:
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