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Situation 1: Optimize the deployment of new applications
As a decision maker, control of capacity planning is necessarily taking account of several parameters. The first are usually the State of saturation of the network links while the latter allow you to test the behaviour of the infrastructure as a change.

With knowledge of the level of use and the frequency of the peaks of activity, a computer Manager may consider future trends and thus provide policy network in the medium term (adaptation of the rules of use, capacity increase).

Situation 2: Alert the ISD at the first appearance of dysfunction
Reactivon allows to anticipate the problems of DoS (denial of service making it unavailable to the application) at the earliest. ReactivOn products emit early alerts 0 - day by giving a sign of the extent of the potential impacts.

Situation 3: Avoiding loss of availability on application trades
Regardless of company size and sector of activity, business applications and the network bindings must be accessible continuously without interruption.
By providing your data exchanged by users, you have indicators to target responsible for machines. ReactivOn allows your company to stabilize the evolution of network performance and avoid setbacks of availability that she thought he acquired.

Situation 4: Master investments and expenditure
The decision-making bodies of the companies have the need for high-impact indicators justifying the consistency of the budget envelopes devoted to network infrastructure.
The objective in this situation is to constantly demonstrate that the network is ideally sized to the real needs relating to missions "trades" of each client.

Situation 5: Improve decision-making on network architecture
Technological change of the network can be decided until saturation points speakers.
Assist them in decision making is part of the priorities for ISD and leaders.
By expanding their visibility on the communications, they will be informed of the degree of development of the uses.

Situation 6: Optimize the productivity of employees
The time spent by employees on personal activities in company partially degrades performance, which reduced the profitability for the employer.
Since July 2008, an employer can have access to digital data using the means of corporate communications even if the employee is not present.
Business leaders have the will to limit internet use only professional uses.
Our tools allow each employee to recognize the degree of traceability which superiors.
A phenomenon of self-regulation of uses will be operate, which will result in a sharp decrease in personal communications company.
Situation 7: Measure network latency and application
In outsourcing services, serious latency problems appear.
Our solutions test the State of the equipment, even remote, permanently to provide customers the indicators to protect sensitive services.
The ISD can decide on the measures required to mitigate the effects of a possible cut link or degradation of performance. Without this type of device, a business does not have the technical means to check if a service has been rendered.
Situation 8: Simulate trafficking "types" for a deployment
Active measures allow the customer to investigate the behaviour of traffic as it passes through the network.
These "false" trafficking can simulate a future application (voIP, visio) to observe the characteristics (rate loss, delay, RTT) = identify bottleneck evaluate experienced users.
Status 9: Automatically archive files, emails, and instant messages
Proposed by libraries, colleges, secondary schools, restaurants/bars/hotels and the municipalities, the hotspot Internet (free access) allow "roaming" users stay connected permanently to their box email, their friends and their business. However, make available to access may have heavy consequences for the institution.

The use that is made to prejudice the provider is solely responsible for the Act.
With Reactivon, all these players will be available to the "evidence" on network traffic and will thus be able to change their policy prohibiting services and network by updating the list of non-compliant to their deontological Charter sites.
Situation 10:Participate in the process of child protection
Young adolescents are subjects to browse the Internet without assistance and isolated from the rest of the family.

ReactivOn offers families a complementary mechanism to the parental control software. Warned in real time, parents have all the information to detect potential threats (being, right drug, racketeering, dangerous games, predisposition to suicide).

RBox Lite provides parents a database giving access to the content exchanged by their children (emails, msn, internet sites), and it regardless of the type, location, and the number of computers.
Situation 11: Assist the authorities in the fight against illegal and dangerous uses
In a disappearance, a conflict of interest, of a crime or an indictment, the competent authorities (DST, police, gendarmerie) may have traces of digital communications.

The use of the Internet is such that the large majority of trade passes through this media.
On the other hand, a long process of fight against piracy of protected works is now in the heart of the debate.
If the Government and ISPs together took the necessary steps, we should attend a generalization of monitoring products which put an end to the phenomenon of mass piracy.
Situation 12: Diagnose and resolve network problems faster
The security component of Reactivon is designed to continuously monitor threats and vulnerabilities to launch early alerts for potential problems.

By definition, this service responds to the request of information relating to situations that are rapidly evolving field.

This device is designed to assist the network services that use relevant data to identify and track down suspect uses.

ReactivOn products contribute to the process of resolution of abnormalities through provision of the it staff the location of the sources of pollution/attacks.

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