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Demonstration accompanied by a ReactivOn speakerMenu ReactivOn

ReactivOn offers an overview of the possibilities offered by its technology, in-depth analysis of IP packets.

During a demonstration online, ReactivOn offers you access to one of its production facilities. Thus, it is a specific case of use which is presented to demonstrate the simplicity of our sniffers while demonstrating the interest made by the Metrology tools.

After a quick inventory of the analysis of IP traffic to date, we will present you from real dashboards mapping the most significant trade in your network. ReactivOn appliances provide access in a few clicks to relevant performance indicators. With a free choice of the viewing period, the user of the probe has a source of information as thoroughly as possible and updated continuously.

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To access the platform, you have access authorized by ReactivOn.
One of our staff will assist you in the discovery of our tools.

ReactivOn Live Demonstration
ReactivOn Live Demonstration
ReactivOn Live Demonstration

Prerequisites and operating tipsMenu ReactivOn

The presentation online environment requires a browser compatible Internet Explorer > = 6 or Firefox > = 2 and Adobe ® Flash Playersoftware. In order to enjoy visibility fullscreen on featured resources, a minimum resolution of 1280 x 1024 is recommended.

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