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ReactivOn is a french manufacturer that develop specialized in network traffic analysis tools. The proposed probes target LAN and WAN performance management market by focusing on computing for enterprise market. The company offers its customers to relevant hardware platforms for tracking activity (reporting, troubleshooting IP) digital infrastructures.

Without a trace and IP Content Analyzer, it teams have little visibility on the network of their business activity.

The ReactivOn company's products provide accurate visibility on each Exchange of data, popularizing maximally indicators for not to weigh down the exploration of the traces. The goal of these tools is to provision of decision support indicators, without interrupting the operation of the S.I. to detect the origin of anomalies and attacks the cause of malfunctions. The captured traffic is consolidated in real-time to create compelling statistics and a detailed up to 3 years history. In a Word, to the problems of delays on a network infrastructure more effectively.

Our system integrators trustMenu ReactivOn

Leader of the converged network infrastructure

Axians is an extremely well established Integrator on European soil and whose specialty is the integration of business communication solutions.

The proximity with its s customer strategy resulted in 66 locations in Europe in the West and the Morocco. L support offered by Axians to its customers is based on mastery of the group in the most advanced technologies.

A subsidiary of Vinci Energies, Axians designs, installs, provides, maintains and operates information systems (voice, data, Image). This partner has 1200 employees.

  • Networks LAN, MAN, WAN and wireless
  • Telephony, VoIP, call centers, messaging, mobility
  • Servers, storage, workstations
  • Parks servers and endpoint virtualization

More information on www.axians.fr >
Architect for the continuity and the quality of Service IT

Exosec is a company for advice and expertise in networks and systems architecture but also a publisher of solutions for the management of the quality of service of the information system. Its range of solutions POM is designed to help businesses operate and optimize their computer platforms. It allows them to improve the performance and ensure the availability of their business applications, that latter are operated in-house or outsourced. The POM range comes in the form of software for monitoring modular solutions, supplemented by services d accompanying one-time or recurring.

Founded in 2002 and based in Jouy-en-Josas (78), Exosec has 100 clients. The company is heavily involved in the Community open source. It is part of the free software of the SYSTEM@TIC Paris-Region competitiveness cluster working group, is a member of l APRIL and l AFDEL. Exosec intervenes with medium and large organizations in the context of missions or projects upstream or downstream decisions.

  • Support services: studies, Council, MoE
  • Managed services
  • Diagnostic services / audit

More information on www.exosec.fr >
NextiraOne France

NextiraOne is a European company which designs, integrates, deploys, and operates communications solutions for more than 60,000 private and public sector clients. It is specialized in the Telecom and network services.

Thanks to its expertise in advanced communications, including data centers, the contact centers, unified communications, infrastructure secure networks, NextiraOne helps clients transform their organizations, making it simple what is complex.

With its headquarters in Paris, NextiraOne is present in 16 countries with more than 5,500 employees throughout Europe, including 4,500 in France, and a total annual turnover of about one billion euros.

More information on www.nextiraone.eu >
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