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The network infrastructure is now a centerpiece of the functioning of the company.

ReactivOn proposes to provide an vision of IT through its activity provides audit. The tools developed by the company allow in particular to anticipate the emergence of problems before they become serious issues for the technical teams. Point analysis of IP traffic is designed therapid identification of problems.

With a technical range-based monitoring network, the ReactivOn company is able to offer architecture analysis fully mastered compared to the stated requirements.

Depending on the issues, the probes are used either in monitoring permanent (critical links), audit short term (synthesis of the d uses a LAN over several weeks) in troubleshooting very short-term operation (capture d a point network for a few hours).

Although, the aggregate collection generally observed in audit includes:
  • Link dedicated to Internet streams
  • Link (s) between the heart of network and application servers
  • Link (s) between application servers and storage arrays

The specification of studiesMenu ReactivOn

  • Get a mapping of flows real-time flows exchanged between users and servers
    • Telephony, applications, internet, proxy, firewall...
  • Analyze traffic WAN to l help synthetic graphs to list the characteristics of each IP Exchange
    • Nature of the frames and their quantity
  • Detail the time periods where use network is important, or even saturated, core network
    • Objective: to provide a response to the repeated delays
  • Determine if the connection diagram is identical to one user to another and if a recurrence is identifiable on a week-type
  • Detail the web uses (HTTP/HTTPS) to understand the slowdowns on the physical link
    • Purpose: provision the evolution of bandwidth for the next few months and steer a change of URL filtering
  • Secure encrypted can be used as simple to exploit evidence and readable by all within the framework d a dialogue
    • with a d or a claimant considering often access provider that cross l n is not from are made (network or the application)

Our interventions are proposed on the basis of a package without hidden costs. The invoicing of the audits is not based on time spent. The study is guided in case by case during the trace analysis and therefore different "abnormal" events.

Do audit us your IP streams for...Menu ReactivOn

The study of the functioning of the network to be proactive in the day-to-day management of your infrastructure. This audit offer lets you entrust to our engineers, theinterpretation of the anomalies detected on all or part of your infrastructure.

You don't have time to train you to a new tool? Your needs are only punctual? ReactivOn brings you its expertise via its unit of expertise, 7 days of collecting up to several weeks (needs function). At the end of the study, a report demonstrates of traffic have passed you is transmitted. Recommendations are added to guide your resolution of outages and slowness of your networks. Thus, you Save time by focusing on the essentials of your business.

Our flow analysis tools allow investigation on Ethernet LANs and wide area networks WAN. It is thus possible to make reporting both in the heart of network and on remote sites. ReactivOn analyzers checks all communications on your links by examining for example the response time of applications to find the cause of every failure. Thus, you have a product to analyze the performance of each segment.

Your company's information system is evolving every day with such as the deployment of new applications or functional updates. Virtualization, ToIP, 10G networks and roaming of users increasing the number of security vulnerabilities and impacts. Entrusting us with an audit mission, you can protect yourself from these faults.

The flow tracing also allows to analyze the consistency of the technical specification of the servers. A traffic Analyzer facilitates the production of recommendations prioritized according to the severity and the degree of importance of each abnormal indicator. The purpose of an audit of trafficking leads generally to a change in the architecture hardware and organizational of the SI.

Example of the conduct of a diagnosis of trafficking networksMenu ReactivOn

Action plan Calendar Collection
Receipt of the purchase order J -
Launch meeting J 2
3 weeks
Installation of the sensor ReactivOn
Launch of the measures and verification Analysis of collected data remotely D 17 Meeting end of leg with proposal of patches,
patches and d improvements J 20 Provision of an initial version of the deliverables J 25 Return of the probe at ReactivOn D 30 - Shipment by parcel post for second analysis following patches J bis 2 weeks Remote analysis for verification by new measures JB 10 Closing meeting
-Presentation of the results
-Provision of deliverables in final version JB 15 -

ReactivOn is at your disposal to go furtherMenu ReactivOn

ReactivOn develops in France of hardware sensors dedicated to the analysis of trade in transit on computer networks. Originally designed for large companies, this technology meets a broad range of needs such as the fight against attacks, optimization of the application, the reproduction of symptoms, chargeback or the retention of data.

To find out more in detail the characteristics of the ReactivOn probes, we invite you to browse the brochures available on the site or on www.facebook.com/ reactivondirectly. To go further, you can make a request for demonstration to our teams.

They can guide you in the choice of the solutions most adapted to your market:
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