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What is network analysis?

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Full functionality in a compact ultra package

Analytical security by global vision on network traffic
  • Classification of uses per workstation / application / network segment
  • Upwelling of performance indicators (% of bandwidth, volume / entity)
  • Mapping of Exchange by dashboard and flow matrix
  • Intelligent detection of incidents of security and use (top talkers)
  • Monitoring real time quality degradation (frequency: 120 seconds)
  • Permanent access to a historical traces and performance on 12 months

Analysis of packets by scanning
  • Search for events in the application by advanced filtering
  • Archiving the results to improve the collaboration of the teams IT
  • Creation-assisted research frames (syntactically close queries)

Archiving of communications
  • Expertise PCAP capture without restriction of time programmatically
  • Possible backup of trace network on a decentralized storage centre (retention of content optional filtering criteria)

Advanced administration area
  • Extended support of LDAP Directory user rights management
  • Software update regular via Internet (autonomous update by simple patch)

Ideal solution for xDSL networks
  • Analysis networks up to 25 Mbit/s of real traffic
  • Up to 150 positions in the limit of 7 000 flow / min
  • Compatible IPv4 / IPv6 regardless of the topology of the network (from 1 to 15 under configurable network)
  • Firmware hardened to limit vulnerabilities

Simplicity of deployment and operation
  • Operational platform in 15 minutes with immediate provision of the first indicators
  • Full interface web-Isaeus intuitive and multi-lingual for a taking in hand in a few hours
  • Secure encryption HTTPS remote access

Non-intrusive UPS integration
  • Step of generating additional traffic (passive)
  • No impact on existing infrastructure
  • Synchronization without additional time (10-3 sec)
  • High availability Failover (disaster recovery)

Adaptable to your network and your needs
  • Vision by subsidiary / service / Office / under network
  • Modular functionality by license purchase

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