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2011-05-13 A novel intervention probe
2010-01-20 Official launch of RBox-35

Launch of the CRT-100 appliance, analysis up to 5,000 IP

Bordeaux, France - 10 February 2011

Applications and online services, response time degradation is synonymous with user dissatisfaction, of reduced productivity for employees, or even to loss of turnover for the company. In proposing a reporting in real-time and easily exploitable, the new probe CRT-100 helps improve the quality of network service and user experience.

N ° 1: optimizes the application infrastructure
With its traffic scanning functions, the new probe rack of ReactivOn to have an audit permanently updated of the S.I. to reduce the needs when inconsistencies are detected. It helps teams to improve performance and availability of applications and services online.

N ° 2: reports on the response time observed
The analysis of the content of each query by the CRT-100 appliance also plays a vital role of prevention: specific logs to the millisecond allow to quickly identify performance problems and signs of dysfunction.

This new tool of metrology network facilitates the localization of weak points in the infrastructure of the client. The ability of diagnosis of this product simplifies the work of operation, searches can be made in just a few clicks to find out the cause of a failure.

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Feel free to discover more in detail the characteristics of this new probe going on the description of the CRT-100appliance online. If you need more information about this press release, contact our team:
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