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The combined use of NBA (Network Behavior Analysis) and DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) allows ReactivOn to propose a very specific vision and real-time computer activity in transit. In proposing the supervision of the security by the cyberanalyse the reactivity of the infrastructure is are strongly reinforced. Flag on the activity of applications, how make sure have continually a reliable network and without security?

Why focus on IP flow analysis?Menu ReactivOn

Along the line of business continuity management tools designed by ReactivOn solutions allow toanticipate the onset of problems until they become serious problems for IT teams. By significantly reducing the shadow areas, decision-making in crisis are gaining efficiency. This generally results in with plans of most appropriate resolution, less expensive to place your DSI on the offensive side of the security.

Benefits of technology ReactivOnMenu ReactivOn

  • Collection of security events to deliver intelligence network high performance
  • Precision of the extraction engine for a generation of dynamic indicators and high value added
  • Archiving to probative value of all computer traces with IOM at a point on the network
  • Mechanism advanced correlation of incidents to support the business continuity plan
  • Flexibility of treatments for a comprehensive analysis of many protocols and application trades
  • The platform portability for immediate integration in a large number of network topologies

For multiple innovations of ruptureMenu ReactivOn

Your application trades are evolving day by day. Complex and expensive at the time, the administration of a park unfortunately many underperforming often not accompanied or little planned. It is important to appeal to a solution that can offer you the speed and flexibility to modernization continues your technologies.

ReactivOn develops scalable systems that can easily integrate new features. The technological approach of our R & D team is a real asset to our clients. Thus, you are sure to get an rapid implementation of our latest technological developments.

When we develop new functionality and quality tests are validated, we issue as soon as possible these improvements across our product lines.

Any use of your infrastructure, ReactivOn technology will be able to meet your expectations without packet loss!

What side performance?Menu ReactivOn

By having control of end to end of our technology, our engineers can make more consistent choices concerning hardware sizing of each of our products. When ReactivOn you guarantee a rate of treatment network, you are assured that the product you will be provided continuously comply announced performance.

Freeware or commercial software?Menu ReactivOn

At what point should you rely on solutions packaged instead of the free world software? Define what type of parser must be used to define what use will be. In a situation of troubleshooting and network optimization? It all depends on the nature of the problem.

What is the incident remotely? The problems involve application malfunctions? The symptoms occur sporadically?

ReactivOn solutions provide powerful analysis on different application levels. Their processing capabilities are complemented by Visual reporting of conversations transiting from a multitude of segments. When you step on that the problem caused by the network or application, trade analyzers provide real added value. They allow to go to the bottom of the topic to free tools will be very quickly limited. What could be missed in software free it is the ability of the Analyzer to decode the content of traffic, collect packets to analyze the conditions, to obtain an accurate measure of the quality and generate reports with ease.

Very often, the Metrology open-source and commercial tools are complementary to share the benefits of each. To view what is happening to the point of view of the user it will be legitimate to retrieve a file of traces such as Wireshark capture software to then integrate it into a commercial parser for a more thorough review. To examine terabytes of data you need efficient indexing and filtering functionality to quickly locate the packages concerned.

Free tools work properly on a job of work, but in a high throughput, the exponential development of packet losses false environment illustration of what to actually caused the problem. Freewares are limited as you have dedicated equipment able to not only capture dozens of packets per second but also to save this information on disk at high speed.

Generally, the choice of stream Analyzer must be based on the selection of a solution to quickly resolve your problems. ReactivOn recommends the establishment ofa packaged solution for:
  • Provide advanced application level to not limit the investigation to the network
  • Propose a comprehensive vision and long term of each session
  • Support without packet loss analysis on high-speed networks
  • Simplify the localization of the causes of an incident surveillance Federated in multiple points of the network

Reconstruction of trade by searching for eventsMenu ReactivOn

ReactivOn appliances interpret a broad panel of protocols and applications. Inspecting in real-time each packet, ReactivOn tools provide the level of granularity and outreach adapted to each Member of the ISD. Whether at the network layer, transport or application level, you get a complete view of each of these aspects.

ReactivOn probes allow to easily follow all communications that may be of interest to the network administrator. For example, the user can focus a few moments the engine of the probe on a set of hosts in particular to then browse by stream flow period which seems problematic. This is very practical, particularly in the phase of investigation. This can be a stream of VoIP, instant messaging, a transfer file or the webmail.

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