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2011-02-10 In the heart of network with CRT-100

RB35, the only package of metrology network as early as 2,500 Euros

Bordeaux, France - January 20, 2011

Become a radiologist the IT network and its performance? Too expensive, too complex and often inadequate to LAN networks! Today all of these constraints are exceeded, discover the new probe portable RBox-35.

ReactivOn launches a powerful mapping system for Visual traffic flying in sedentary mode or intervention on site. Edge tables are constructed from the context network that the client can set at any moment. This reporting system is proposed as one of the most flexible and are easier to access on the market, without omitting the real portability of this troubleshooting tool.

Our customers increase the value of their services with a new lever to support strategic decisions of the S.I. (prepare the steering committees, action with the providers, etc items):
  • you have internally of an expertise in metrology of flows
  • you havequalitative information necessary for your IT projects
  • you you free constraints of exploitation

Key features of the appliance RBox-35
  • Collection, consolidation and storage of traffic from the perimeter to supervise by event logs (State services, applications, details of connections and activity statistics)

  • Aggregates and correlates real time all streams in transit

  • Raises alerts when positioned rules are reached (according to scenarios of attacks or simple threshold exceeded)

  • Can be deployed in a pyramid without change and interact with the business service architecture

  • Analysis says detected incidents (System of retention of the tracks up to 3 years) and the immediate use of trend indicators based on customizable statistics

  • A single user interface, accessible by simple web browser

To learn moreMenu ReactivOn

If you want to find out more in detail the characteristics of the new sniffer network, a full probe RBox-35 description. For more information about this press release, contact our teams:
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