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"We decided to be accessible to the greatest number! "

Bordeaux, France - 22-08-2019

Understanding and interpreting large amounts of data is not within everyone's reach. The search, and more broadly, the exploration of data, consists in the analysis of flows whose volumes are more and more consistent. At what price?

ReactivOn, an equipment manufacturer specializing in IP flow analysis, announces its action plan to democratize its sniffing technology. The goal that the company has set for the autumn of 2019: make its probes accessible to any type of company . The new pricing policy must make its capture tools, Rbox and TCR range affordable. Both for a small municipality and for a start-up with great ambitions. Most directions are to choose the right equipment on a tight budget.

For 10 years, our webreporting platform, currently in version 2.2.4, offers solid and stable features.

Target 2019: ReactivOn announces the redesign of its fee schedule to democratize its IT technology

Why buy a frame analyzer?

The establishment of an autonomous box allows a continuous monitoring of all or part of a network. In the event of an incident, the diagnosis of the functioning of the infrastructure is very fast because a sniffer must deliver a visibility without call on the times of use, the exchanged data as well as the protocols which should not be in the IT.

A ReactivOn probe is intuitive, affordable, easy to access to revolutionize the way you " see ". Always in passive listening of the network analyzed!

  • Traceability of HTTP flows, by VLAN / QinQ tags, by protocols
  • Detailed latency tracking of each TCP exchange, up to 10 Gbps
  • Wide choice of filters for on-demand reports (example to filter HTTP: * .google.com)
  • Creating alerting rules by virtual zone, by type of metric and by direction
  • Assisted programming of PCAP content captures
  • Analysis on a time window up to 36 months
  • Modbus / TCP monitoring by "PLC / Supervisor" domain

    Guillaume BERNARD, commercial director of ReactivOn:
    "The desire shown is to make a sharp drop in the public price of our equipment, both on the portable range and the rack. The cartography that we propose has been tested since 2009, when it was first put on the market. The experience of the RBox probes is reached.

    Our choice is clear: divide by 2 the prices of our price list "!

    Acquisition of a RBox35 probe: 3125 Euros HT
    Material guarantee contract: 625 Euros HT / year

    NEW RATES AT 09/2019
    Acquisition of a RBox35 probe: 1625 Euros HT
    Material guarantee contract: 310 Euros HT / year

    Evolution of tariffs: - 50%

    ReactivOn develops hardware probes dedicated to the analysis of exchanges in transit on computer networks. Designed initially for large enterprises, this technology addresses a wide range of needs such as anti-attack, application optimization, symptom reproduction, chargeback or data retention.

    To learn more
    To learn more about the characteristics of ReactivOn probes, we invite you to browse the brochures available on the site or directly on www. facebook.com/reactivon . To go further, you can request a demonstration from our teams:
    • by phone:
    • using the contact form
    • by email:

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