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Update the range RBox PDF brochures

Bordeaux, France - 19/03/2013

To introduce you to the best the technical differences between the RBox range units, a separate documentation for each sensor has just been published. Sniffers RB35 and RB65 meet a set of common objectives but with clearly different processing capabilities.

While browsing the brochures below, you will discover how these probes can facilitate the conduct of your projects, by limiting the risks, in guiding the approach of your partners or to carry out technical audits. The portability of this range of tools enables movement according to needs and autonomously. Each of the sensitive sites can be diagnosed in a safe manner.

The selection criterion is a function of:
  • the density of communications expressed as flow per minute: 9500 and 20000 respectively for the RB35 and the RB65
  • the average real traffic on aggregate to analyze: 35 Mbps and 65 Mbps (recommended for about 250 and 500 IP local)
  • maximum traffic peaks taken in charge by the collection: burst 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps respectively for the RB35 and the RB65
  • the simultaneous collection port number : 1 on the RB35, 2 on the RB65 and 1 GE administration on each port

Very affordable pricing of the RBox range, either for investment or monthly rental, helps CIOS make good decisions on a lot of issues in ensuring a rapid ROI. Technicians can rely on real data, objective and inconstestables. The IT team can detect where the problem lies and thus put in place good methodology to solve it.

Exemple de déploiement des sondes RB35 et RB65

It took bearing poor service quality and develop tools to compensate for the absence of reactivity and capacity analysis of our operator.

Within your DSI, our team was aware that to better manage the quality of service and any complaints from our users, we need objective indicators d the performance of our applications. You'll be able tests scheduled to monitor application developments and (d) identify the potential degradation

It is necessary to have d a tool for planning of capacity to determine the impact of synchronization on the bandwidth and the performance of applications that pass through a same link. Each DSI is seeking its telecom operator to visualize bandwidth per service. However the services are limited, without a vision of the performance and opportunities access detailed stream.

Our customers are faced with the following challenges:
  • Consistently higher number of applications (business and recreational)
  • High availability constraint
  • Direct impact of the performance of applications on productivity

Why think to put into production a physical probe?
  • to reduce operating losses
  • to help the DSI to deal with complexity of the management of the SI
  • to boost the resolution of incidents in a collaborative manner (internally and with partners)
  • to adapt l infrastructure to structural changes

ReactivOn develops hardware probes dedicated to the analysis of trade in transit on computer networks. Originally designed for large companies, this technology meets a broad range of needs such as the fight against attacks, optimization of the application, the reproduction of symptoms, chargeback or the retention of data.

To learn moreMenu ReactivOn

To find out more in detail the characteristics of the ReactivOn probes, we invite you to browse the brochures available on the site or on www.facebook.com/ reactivondirectly. To go further you can request a demonstration to our teams:
  • by phone:
  • using the contact form
  • email:

Voir une démonstration des sondes ReactivOn