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Founded in 2009, the company ReactivOn was launched under the initiative of two engineers as early as 2006. Today leaders of the society, they are specialized in the field of networks and telecommunications through an academic curriculum at the Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux (ENSEIRB-MATMECA).

Guillaume BERNARD, Executive DirectorMenu ReactivOn

Since 2009, Guillaume BERNARD held the position of President in charge of sales and Marketing process. Missions also is the strategic support of the society for all financial and engineering aspects.

Has always been attracted to computer security issues, he is the initiator of the current technology distributed by ReactivOn. Guillaume BERNARD held the functions of engineer in academia on the theme of the Metrology of flows in complex environments. The traceability network needs expressed by businesses then led him to professionalize the project started towards a commercial approach.

Guillaume BERNARD is a graduate engineer from the ENSEIRB

Jonathan RAVAT, responsible for R & DMenu ReactivOn

Jonathan RAVAT is responsible for the supervision of development technology solutions ReactivOn. It coordinates the development of the processing engine and the activities of technical services (support, Council, and technical expertise).

Prior to joining ReactivOn, he continued his career with Audemat, one of the leader in radiocommunication equipment. In position with the R & D service as a software designer specializing in embedded intelligence, Jonathan RAVAT acquired a solid experience in the field of networks. Notably, he participated in the redesign of the system of monitoring of infrastructure in Thales airborne systems (33).

He is a graduate of the ENSEIRB with a specialization in information systems and networks.

Independent and involved investorsMenu ReactivOn

The company is capitalized solely by its founders associates. Entirely turned towards the satisfaction of its customers, the company made the choice not to appeal to organizations of foreign investment to avoid too strong pressures from third party not involved in the R & D process.

Thus, ReactivOn suffers no undue hardship of financial profitability and can focus on the continuous technological improvement of its solutions.

The guidelines of the societyMenu ReactivOn

ReactivOn has the ambition of becoming a major player on the European market of behavioral analysis of computer networks solutions.
  • Devote 70% of the workforce of the company to research and development.
  • Extending the target client by opening the range to new players. By leveraging products with high value added with a priority on usability, intuitiveness and ease of use, ReactivOn wishes to "end" with usable only by experts network tools. ReactivOn is the opening of both network indicators to executives and it managers.
  • Follow a rigorous quality plan. Ensure a clear commitment to quality in our developments is one of our priorities. Although transparent client use, technological flexibility of our products is a major gain both for the performance of our appliances but also in our technical support activities.
  • Pursue a participatory dynamics of innovation . The research of ReactivOn plan is built around a half dozen of simultaneous engineering projects which the resulting will participate in the continuous improvement of the technological potential of ReactivOn.
  • Multiply the technological advances of the solutions you offer high-performance products highly integrated that can simplify you its use.

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