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The main users of the ReactivOn probesMenu ReactivOn

Because our customers require an optimal service, we are committed to bring assistance as soon as possible:
  • Hotline to guide you in the creation of your incident tickets
  • Telephone conference to bring together our best employees at once and thus answer your questions both technical and organizational, financial
  • Instant Internet discussion to provide a platform for assistance, without a heavy client, to quickly ask your questions. With ease, you will immediately receive a practical response to your request
  • Visio-conference HD for critical applications where the face to face is a necessity
  • Grip remotely for an effective demonstration of the feature whose use poses difficulties

Group AcomeMenu ReactivOn

Created in Paris in 1932, Acome is the first industrial French specialist on the market of the cables, wires and tubes of synthesis. Norman industrial site brings together all of the manufacture on 115,000 m² of buildings. The Cooperative Association of workers in equipment electrical perfectly summarizes the operation of this undertaking.
  • Size : 1,450 people for a turnover of 425 M€ in 2011

  • Location : headquarters in Rochefort and 3 industrial sites (Bordeaux, Toulouse and Nouasseur in the Morocco)

  • Infrastructure : 800 users Netapp, 80 VM ESX, Cisco 10 G, WAN and exit Internet SDSL 2 x 20 Mbps heart

Discover the Acome Group on www.acome.fr >

Conseil régional AquitaineMenu ReactivOn

The Region comprises five departments in the southwest of the France: the Dordogne, Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Pyrénées-Atlantiques. It covers 2 296 municipalities with an annual budget of EUR 1.4 billion. The Regional Council of Aquitaine is present throughout the region with multiple antennas.
A probe, model TCR100, has been deployed to get a detail of each Exchange IP over the WAN. Accidental restarts of IP phones at remote sites has been at the origin of the request.
  • Strength : 1 300 persons

  • Location : headquarters in Bordeaux with 3 main buildings, 14 remote sites of 3 people to 50 people

  • Infrastructure : 150 servers including 100 virtualized, 10 G, WAN VPN 2 x 100Mbps heart and exit Internet SDSL 30 Mbps

Learn more about this Region on www.aquitaine.fr >

Bourbon OffshoreMenu ReactivOn

Among the world leaders of maritime transport, the Bourbon Group offers the most demanding oil companies, a range of 335 vessels of new generation. The company is also specialized in the transport of goods in bulk and the protection of the french coast for the Navy.

To meet its needs for metrology network LAN, the Switzerland of the Group subsidiary has made the choice to a RB35.
  • Group : 6 300 people for a turnover of 931 M€ in 2008

  • Location : presence in more than 28 countries, deployment on the website of Nyon

Discover the Bourbon Group on www.bourbonoffshore.com >
TD >

Mayor of le Bouscat (33110)Menu ReactivOn

Commune of southwestern France, in the Department of Gironde, Le Bouscat is a town which has a population of more than 24,000. It is present in the urban area of Bordeaux (CUB).

Mayor of le Bouscat has made the choice to probe RB65 for its two collection gigabit ports for its ease of deployment on its remote sites.
  • Workforce : 400 people

  • Infrastructure : 150 workstations and output common Internet (SDSL 20 M ADSL 2 M 20 M asynchro fiber.)

Discover the municipality on www.mairie-le-bouscat.fr >


The CBRE France Group specialises in the Council in real estate business, including searching of offices, business premises, warehouses and shops.

The origins of the company date back to 1773, in London, a company's auction of farmland. CBRE has many small local agencies, all connected to the SPLM by links low flow for internal flows and Internet output.
  • Size : 755 people in France, 34,000 worldwide

  • Location : 41 locations in France

Discover the CBRE Group on www.cbre.fr >

Hospitals Longjumeau and OrsayMenu ReactivOn

CH Longjumeau and Orsay are located south-west of Paris in Essonne Department on communes of 21 000, and 16 000 inhabitants.

The two sites, remote d a 10 km are connected by an optical fiber 100 Mbps under the law HPST of 2009. It is a grouping of services, including computer, and which gave rise to common projects (strongly impacted by slow).
On the site of Longjumeau
  • Size : 1,360 people including 165 doctors, pharmacists and internal

  • Beds : 565 (passages per year: 50 000)

The site of Orsay
  • Strength : 1000 people including 140 doctors

  • Beds : 434 (passages per year: 35,000)

  • Strength : 2 360 people

  • Infrastructure : 1000 posts (including citrix) on the 2 sites 100 servers 400 100 terminals wifi printers

Discover hospital on www.ch-longjumeau.fr >

Centre Hospitalier de Romorantin LanthenayMenu ReactivOn

CH Romorantin is a public health facility located in the Department of Loir-et-Cher and installed on 24 hectares. The technical plateau is composed of 4 operating rooms.
  • Size : 861 people

  • Location : 15 buildings (55 600 m²) on 27 acres, 725 beds

  • Infrastructure : 350 IP, fiber gigabit owner, 10 remote sites interconnected VPN datacenter with virtualized servers

Discover hospital on www.ch-romorantin.fr >

Leader of the French women's lingerie, the Chantelle group is originally of six brands including Passionata, Darjeeling, Orcanta and Chantal Thomass.

Established in 1949, Chantelle produces 15 million pieces each year whose distribution is provided by 220 stores held its own in France and Germany. A TCR100 probe was used in preliminary draft on the headquarters LAN.
  • Strength : 6,500 people for a turnover of 350 M€ in 2011

  • Location : 11 industrial sites in 6 countries

  • Infrastructure : 500 users at Headquarters, 2 data centers redundant, MPLS VPN cisco fiber Gbps for interconnections

Discover the Group on www.chantelle.fr >

Clinic Saint GatienMenu ReactivOn

The clinic is a private health facility, one of the most historic in the heart of the city of Tours. The hospital is on the national podium in third position behind the Pitié Salpêtrière and CHU de Bordeaux. The Group has two facilities on towers, two on Orléans and one in Melun.

  • Strength : 800 people

  • Location : 5 sites

  • Infrastructure : 500 local IP, MPLS 10 Mpls, SAN, 3 ESX by clinic

Learn more about the clinic on www.clinique-saint-gatien.com >

CMP: Credit Municipal de ParisMenu ReactivOn

Credit Municipal of Paris, formerly Mount of piety (October 1918), is the oldest Parisian financial institution. Since 1637, the establishment convenient loan on pledge. Today, the activity is complemented by the sale of valuables (Hotel sales), the conservation of objects of art and the redemption of credits. In 1992, the establishment is placed under the responsibility of the city of Paris, which is the sole shareholder.
  • Strength : 250 people

  • Location : headquarters in Paris, CMP Bank operations

  • Infrastructure : 120 IP

Discover the Crédit Municipal de Paris on www.creditmunicipal.fr >

Product IndustryMenu ReactivOn

The group created Sofanou in 1954, today known as the product, is an automotive supplier of world-class. It is specialized in the protection of electrical wiring and fluid transfer solutions.
  • Size : 1,300

  • Location : 24 remote sites internationally, up to 200 IP by site

  • Infrastructure : 20 servers (vmware) VoIP 3x2M SDSL internet

Discover the Group on www.delfingen.com >

Town Hall of Lormont (33310)Menu ReactivOn

Part of the 27 communes components the Communauté urbaine de Bordeaux (cub), the town of Lormont has 20 000 inhabitants.

The Town Hall of Lormont has made the choice to acquire a RB35 probe, which the Plug & Play installation and configuration did not require more than 30 minutes. The measures were exploitable without prior training, which helped the equ
IPE computer using the Analyzer on each remote site with slow to use. Loops in the network, the repetitive downloads or configuration on the hardware Park issues were able to be identified.
  • Size : 450 people

  • Location : main site and 10 sites

  • Infrastructure : 300 workstations, 7 application servers, core network GE with interconnection WAN and exit Internet SDSL 4 Mbps

Discover the municipality on www.lormont.fr >

Town Hall of Merignac (33700)Menu ReactivOn

Municipality of the urban area of Bordeaux (CUB), the city of Mérignac has 70,000 inhabitants in 2013. It is the second largest city of Gironde after Bordeaux and welcomes the social seat of large corporations such as the airport of Bordeaux, Filhet-Allard, Oxbow, or Dassault Aviation.

The Mairie de Mérignac made the choice of a probe RB65 for its portability (malette of intervention) and its installation that does not require more than 30 minutes.
  • Strength : 950 people

  • Location : main site and 29 remote sites (including library)

  • Infrastructure : 700 workstations, 100 copiers IP 60 application servers, core network GE with interconnection WAN and output common Internet (512 k to 8 Mbps)

Discover the municipality on www.merignac.com >

Mutualité Française in the Morbihan FinistèreMenu ReactivOn

Founded in 1905, the mutuality is a not-for-profit public utility organization that brings together more than 100 mutual on the 2 departments of Northwest. It operates in the areas of care and support to the persons.
  • Workforce : 3,000 people for a turnover of 110 M in 2011

  • Location : headquarters in Lorient (56100)

  • Infrastructure : 450 users (90% on clinics, ehpad and optical centers), WAN SDSL 2 x 10 Mbps, hosting applications accessible via the MPLS and exit trades Internet 2 x 14 Mbps

Discover la Mutualité on www.mutualite-francaise-finistere-morbihan.fr >

Orne HabitatMenu ReactivOn

Orne Habitat is the Public Office of the Habitat of the Orne, first social landlord of the Department with 10 300 dwellings spread over 131 communes. Since 1929, it builds, rehabilitates and renovates housing on the entire Department. The use of a portable probe brought a gain of visibility to the DSI.
  • Size : 181 people

  • Location : main site at Alençon, 5 agencies and 3 decentralized home points

Discover Orne Habitat on www.orne-habitat.fr >

Picardie Regional CouncilMenu ReactivOn

The Region comprises three departments in the North of the France: Aisne, Oise and Somme. Based a Amiens, it covers 2,292 municipalities with several remote antennae from the hotel's area.
The Regional Council has acquired a probe TCR1000, the most powerful analyzers flow developed by the company. The DSI can anytime get a history on each transited IP streams, especially in source
of its 10G network core.
  • Strength : 1,200

  • Location : 20 remote sites (150 users) in ipsec VPN

  • Infrastructure : heart 10 G, interconnection of schools (WAN) and exit Internet on RENATER

Learn more about this Region on www.adream-Thueringen.Picardie.fr >

Departmental service fire relief of Loire-AtlantiqueMenu ReactivOn

SDIS-44 provides rescue emergency with 1.3 million inhabitants on the territory of 221 communes. It manages the firefighters at the Department level for missions of prevention, fight against the fires and other accidents, accidents and disasters.

In 2012, 59 636 interventions were conducted an average of 163 interventions per day.

Monitoring of WAN access is directed permanently by a probe RB65 (collection GE 2 ports).
  • Size : 3592 volunteer firefighters, 751 professionals and 391 administrative staff

  • Location : main site and 100 remote sites

  • Infrastructure : 1000 IP interconnected fiber on the most important sites, the rest in SDSL 8 Mbps

Discover the SDIS Loire - Atlantic www.sdis44.fr >

Union computer of Charente-MaritimeMenu ReactivOn

SI-17 was created in 1985 to modernize computer l of local public service in pooling the means to communities. Among the main missions, the Council, training, supply and installation of hardware/software.
  • Location : MPLS VPN that connects the SI17 to 3 remote locations

  • Infrastructure : 2 500 IP (100 servers) on 520 small communities

  • Number of annual interventions : 1200, half for troubleshooting

Discover the Charente Informatics Union - Maritime on www.si17.fr >

Unit EADS Sogerma subsidiaryMenu ReactivOn

Strategic partner of major world aircraft manufacturers, the Sogerma is specialized in Aerostructure, cockpit seats and armchairs cabin manufacturing. As a division of the Airbus group, the main site has equipped a stream CRT monitor to provide continuous reporting of inter-site (WAN access monitoring).
  • Workforce : 2,000 people for a turnover of 471 M€ in 2011

  • Location : headquarters in Rochefort and 3 industrial sites (Bordeaux, Toulouse and Nouasseur in the Morocco)

  • Infrastructure : 800 users Netapp, 80 VM ESX, Cisco 10 G, WAN and exit Internet SDSL 2 x 20 Mbps heart

Learn more about www.sogerma.eads.net >

Institutions horticultural Georges TruffautMenu ReactivOn

The establishments G. TRUFFAUT, avant-garde of horticulture, were founded in 1897 at Versailles. They were created in sight (d) apply to gardening the modern techniques of Science: chemical, physical and electrical.

L sign has to date 52 stores in France to 304,000 m² of sales area. This network of stores specialized in gardening, garden crafts and pets.

The main site has been equipped with two analysers RBox to s
programweb continuous WAN access to the stores.
  • Strength : 2 200 people for a turnover of 450 M€ in 2010

  • Location : 15 branches in France, North Africa and in Belgium

Discover the garden on truffaut.com >

Town Hall of Vienna (38200)Menu ReactivOn

Located in the southeast of France, in the département of Isère, the city of Vienna has 29,000 inhabitants.

The municipality has made the choice of a RB65 probe for an accessible follow-up of each host on the network flows.
  • Strength : 300 people

  • Location : main site and 20 sites connected by VPN ADSL or radio link

  • Infrastructure : local IP 600 (including 250 telephones and 50 printers) and output double ADSL Internet

Discover the municipality on www.vienne.fr >

ReactivOn is at your disposal to go furtherMenu ReactivOn

ReactivOn develops in France of hardware sensors dedicated to the analysis of trade in transit on computer networks. Originally designed for large companies, this technology meets a broad range of needs such as the fight against attacks, optimization of the application, the reproduction of symptoms, chargeback or the retention of data.

To find out more in detail the characteristics of the ReactivOn probes, we invite you to browse the brochures available on the site or on www.facebook.com/ reactivondirectly. To go further, you can make a request for demonstration to our teams.

They can guide you in the choice of the solutions most adapted to your market:
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