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Discover the RBM-65, portable and versatile probe

Bordeaux, France - 23 June 2011

ReactivOn extends its RBox range with a new model, the RBM-65.

Sold as kit all in one, this network traffic monitoring solution has a probe collection (RBox-65) and a touch Tablet synchronized providing access to the interface locally to the probe. The set is packaged in a protective hardened which guarantee safe transport and minimum time loss for the activities of audit IT.


This kit is intended to strengthen the responsiveness of the exploitation teams cope with the denial of service attacks, overload and saturate data centers and networks of the Internet operators. Multiple uses can be considered:
  • Manage risk by strengthening the means of operational maintenance of the information system
  • Ensure that good infrastructure to their originally intended use
  • Protect the company against legal remedies on the traceability of trade

The RBM-65 probe is a matrix of traffic in real time from a behavioural analysis of trade. The portativité of the tool provides visibility into the entire network problem. ReactivOn recommends this equipment up to 500 IP local to the client case. This sniffer tolerates a density of Exchange in the order of 20,000 flow per minute.

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For more information about this product you can consult the page of the range ReactivBox. Many elements differentiators are presented to understand the use of each proposed probe. If you want to find out more in detail the characteristics of this kit of metrology network, we encourage you to apply for a demonstration to our teams:
  • by phone:
  • using the form of contact
  • email:

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