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ReactivOn wishes you a great beginning of the year 2012!

Bordeaux, France - 10 January 2012

The entire ReactivOn team is pleased to convey to you its best wishes for 2012. We thank warmly all of our customers for the confidence they have placed in our products. For this new year we will be still more to the security of the networks in which our equipment are present.

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Bonne année 2012RBox in version 2.1
for this new year
We analyzed the past year, it is clear that ReactivOn has posted its core business of simple network reporting to a specialization in behavioral traffic analysis. One of the main innovations is the integration in all our products engine high performance capable of data flows some or the period of visualization and perimeters of measures desired user (mapping virtual inter-realm).

In a climate where we need to create more value for our clients, ReactivOn has managed to push the limits of the market! Our probes become 2012 real tools IT, accessible to all companies and can be used in any situation:

  • A large choice of probes for extracting IP
  • Processing reliability guarantee
  • Reporting network at the best price
  • The advice of security experts

For this new year, why not instrument your network to understand what happens there?Menu ReactivOn

N ° 1: because the availability of the application is a vital need
While the adoption of dematerialised technologies (Cloud) accelerates, the availability of infrastructure and services becomes a critical issue. ReactivOn products provide simple methods to accelerate the resolution when an attack cannot be quickly neutralized. When Web, DNS, SMTP services cease to be available, any other problem IT becomes secondary. Users will appreciate the simplicity of the installation process and the clarity of the interface.

N ° 2: because I need immediate and provided flow supervision turnkey
Often, data, and infrastructure Telecom centre more generally administrators, do not know that they are attacked until the availability of business services is seriously affected. To avoid service interruptions, they need solutions able to detect suspicious behaviour with little or no intervention from their easy to install part, RBox/CRT/TCM probes bring immediate visibility into the contents passed on the company network.

N ° 3: because reports in real time would allow me to be reactive to IT incidents
ReactivOn provides detailed and fully customizable analysis to understand a coup of ?il traffic transited on the analyzed segment. Probes ReactivOn archive each event in an audit log making it possible to retrospective analysis of each Exchange.

To learn moreMenu ReactivOn

If you want to find out more in detail the characteristics of our probes, we invite you to browse the brochures available on www.reactivon.com. To go further you can make an application for demonstration to our teams:
  • by phone:
  • using the form of contact
  • email:

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