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2012-02-01 New address of Head Office

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The Town Hall of Lormont team his heart of a RBox35 network

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Bordeaux, France - 02/04 / 2012

Part of Commons 27 components the urban community of Bordeaux (CUB), the town of Lormont chooses ReactivOn products to meet its needs for metrology network.

The ReactivOn OEM, specializing in the analysis of network traffic, announces deployed one of its solutions in the Town Hall of Lormont. The company has among its clients a new municipality over 20,000 inhabitants.

  • understand the normal operation of the network
  • identify the bandwidth of each application
  • have a clear vision to detect any anomalies
  • plan the evolution of intersite connections
  • support the investment with elected officials

The solution to deploy should both return to a tight budget)< 5k)="" et="" être="" pérenne,="" c'est-à-dire="" capable="" de="" s'adapter="" aux="" évolutions="" de="" la="" ville="" tant="" en="" termes="" de="" technologies="" que="" de="" sites="" distants.="" elle="" devait="" disposer="" d'un="" mécanisme="" de="" filtrage="" pour="" pouvoir="" analyser="" le="" trafic="" en="" détail,="" fournir="" un="" reporting="" qualitatif="" quelque="" soit="" le="" lien="" à="" surveiller="" et="" être="" facilement="" utilisable="" au="">

Following this acquisition, the it Department of the city has been able to offer its users more services ensuring actual availability of the application hosted. It is necessary to analyze each package individually or to expect that an incident happen again. Trace history proposed by ReactivOn probes had an immediate effect on productivity. The town of Lormont has now to a tool for good size projects and control costs.

Guillaume BERNARD, commercial Director of ReactivOn, says: "The existence of such lack of visibility on corporate networks made us aware of a high expectation, especially on medium-sized networks." The answer was obvious: solution analysis really intuitive, portable and especially very competitive tariff point of view. »

The Town Hall of Lormont made the choice of a probe RBox-35, including near the Plug & Play installation and configuration did not require more than 30 minutes. The measures were exploitable without training, which allowed them to use Analyzer several months on each site where to use delays were encountered. Loops in the network, repetitive downloads or configuration on the hardware Park issues could be identified.

300 workstations and 7 application servers distributed between the main site and 10 sites. Heart of Gigabit Ethernet network with interconnection WAN and centralization of the Internet output on a SDSL 4 Mbps link.

ReactivOn develops hardware probes dedicated to the analysis of trade in transit on computer networks. Originally developed for large companies, this technology addresses a wide range of needs such as the fight against attacks, optimization of the application, the reproduction of the chargeback or data retention symptoms.

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