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To respond effectively to the needs of each of its clients, ReactivOn distributes its tools of technical expertise through two ranges of appliances. Thus, it is possible to offer suitable products, without over-quality both on the criteria expected by a medium sized by those of a multinational company.

To offer a real flexibility in the use of his network probes, the ReactivOn company has developed an offer on 3 axes:

N ° 1: sale of material sniffersMenu ReactivOn

For businesses with ongoing needs analysis of network flows, it is interesting to invest in the purchase of a probe. Once the tool set in production, the company has continuously of indicators updated on its trades. In addition, the purchase of a probe for permanent positioning brings a vision long-term links monitored (view consolidated up to 36 months). Over this same period, access to the stream by stream (detailed history) is available.
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Monthly rental without commitmentMenu ReactivOn

For all activities audit network, ReactivOn offers its products of Metrology for rent. This service package and rich of services tailor-made (assistance, delivery) is recommended for the needs of regular reporting over a short period.

Turnkey and without commitment access to information system reporting solutions is very significant. This offer includes a hardware box whose power is adapted to the needs of the heart of processing ReactivOn, as well as deployment and support services. Rental of probes aims to accelerate and simplify the implementation of a computer infrastructure safety audit.

Renting month-to-month is also a quick and effective way to discover the features of the ReactivOn products. The company can make the right choice when a purchase is considered more or less long term.

Available from 15 days of use without upfront investment.
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Provision of traffic IP auditMenu ReactivOn

Once equipped with a flow ReactivOn Analyzer, it is possible to draw upon the expertise of the technical teams of the OEM. For example, you can entrust the periodic reporting of your ReactivOn infrastructure through outsourcing.

In the case of a monitoring network outsourcing, a grip to remote is conducted at each identified incident, for editing a report containing the recommendations of the editor on the most relevant patches to implement. The analysis of the data collected by a probe ReactivOn to prevent recurrence of the malfunction, by correcting the cause of the problem in just a few tens of minutes. Thus, the DSI pole is in contact with an expert in metrology working for ReactivOn.

The mission of the ReactivOn teams: guarantee you an optimum of your IT infrastructure reporting by qualifying quickly problems noticed by targeted on the causes of each malfunction analysis. To achieve this ReactivOn has designed a modular and scalable outsourced services offer. You can thus use a subcontracting experienced to relieve your teams in their daily operations:
  • Audits of network and security performance
  • Recurring analysis of activity logs
  • Troubleshooting network
  • Application troubleshooting
  • Scalability testing

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ReactivOn is at your disposal to go furtherMenu ReactivOn

ReactivOn develops in France of hardware sensors dedicated to the analysis of trade in transit on computer networks. Originally designed for large companies, this technology meets a broad range of needs such as the fight against attacks, optimization of the application, the reproduction of symptoms, chargeback or the retention of data.

To find out more in detail the characteristics of the ReactivOn probes, we invite you to browse the brochures available on the site or on www.facebook.com/ reactivondirectly. To go further, you can make a request for demonstration to our teams.

They can guide you in the choice of the solutions most adapted to your market:
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