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The satisfaction of our customers is our priority

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ReactivOn is designed to meet the expectations of its customers, for current and future projects.

In order to help you quickly and efficiently, the support team mission is to respond individually to requests that reach him. All the collected information are listed in a client space allocated to you in your first purchase. Our employees can know at all times the history of your dealings with ReactivOn.

N ° 1: true means of communicationMenu ReactivOn

Because our customers require an optimal service, we assist you as soon as possible:
  • Hotline to guide you in the creation of your incident tickets
  • Telephone conference to bring together our best employees at once and thus answer your questions both technical and organizational, financial
  • Instant Internet discussion to provide a platform for assistance, without a heavy client, to quickly ask your questions. With ease, you will immediately receive a practical response to your request
  • Visio-conference HD for critical applications where the face to face is a necessity
  • Grip remotely for an effective demonstration of the feature whose use poses difficulties

N ° 2: maintenance contractsMenu ReactivOn

Technical support ReactivOn allows you to benefit from a quality and personalized assistance. You will have access:
  • the software updates of our solutions for any major change in version
  • correction files for the resolution of any software malfunctions
  • advance replacement hardware (Privilege pack)
  • support in your Setup operations
  • our technical documentation database

For every purchase of a ReactivOn solution, functional updates are included in the first three months of use. To sustain their investments, ReactivOn offers its customers to maintenance packs to extend the proposed standard warranty conditions.

In the framework of these contracts, all of the ReactivOn products are accompanied by a commitment to repair when an enclosure is malfunctioning. Depending on the subscribed contract, delivery in operation may intervene between D 1 and D 7. Taking account of a hardware replacement is possible for any hardware problem when the incident is passed to ReactivOn before 13: 00.

Each new version of the firmware, ReactivOn broadcasts to its customers an upgrade patch. Designed to make this possible the more transparent operation, the update process is accessible from the Web interface of the tool. The operation can be carried out without any technical assistance and without any risk of downtime. Error, the system automatically returns to the previous functional State.

N ° 3: audit of the traffic benefitsMenu ReactivOn

In addition to its OEM telecom activity, ReactivOn offers guests an additional service ofaudit of the IP traffic. This offer allows you to entrust to our engineers, the interpretation of the anomalies detected on all or part of your infrastructure. An illustrated report is provided on request at the end of the audit. To learn more about this service, visit the Services page

To contact our support DepartmentMenu ReactivOn

Our technical teams are at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9 h to 19 h:
  • by phone:
  • using the contact form
  • email:

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