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What is network analysis?

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To adapt the level of expertise of our technology to your needs, Reactivon markets its products through two distinct ranges. Completeness of the available models to find a perfect match to the criteria expected by a medium-sized by a multinational company as well.

Offer flexible to meet your needsMenu ReactivOn

  • Purchase without intermediate for companies with regular needs network analysis. Invest in the purchase of a ReactivOn solution allows you to have indicators updated permanently. The power of the tool is doing on these capabilities of memorization, so you will have access to a very detailed history of your feeds and your network statistics.
  • Network of authorized distributors : to precisely meet the expectations of users, the commercialization of solutions ReactivOn is provided exclusively by experts network.
  • Monthly rental for all audit activities one-time ad hoc network. We recommend including the rental of ReactivOn appliances for consultants in security in need of a tool high performance over a short period. The rental is also a fast and effective way to discover the effectiveness of our products and thus to make the right choice for investment.
  • Outsourced service : call to a subcontracting experienced for the regular monitoring of your network analysis. On this sector, ReactivOn also offers activities for adaptation of the features to your technical background and the establishment of training facilitating the takeover of our technology

Under the French legislation, all ReactivOn products are accompanied by a 1-year hardware warranty. To extend your analyzers support, extensions maintenance packs are available.

Your parser of IP flow without constraint, why not try the rental?Menu ReactivOn

Why invest a significant portion of your capital in new technology in the knowledge that a more efficient version the will replace tomorrow? ReactivOn helps you acquire the tools you need, when you need it. Thus, you will have the opportunity to move to the next generation at any time.

By making the choice of the location, the user free to constraints its network analyzers support. All solutions are guaranteed without time limit for the duration of the rental.

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