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An innovative company profile (JEI)

Design of hardware solutions for the analysis of flows in transit on computer networks

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ReactivBox TimeCollection

4 avenue Eugène and Marc Dulout
33600 PESSAC

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Société par Actions Simplifiée

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€ 95,000

5829C / 512-398-744-00015
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ReactivOn is a french manufacturer offering relevant technology for metrology of network communications: identification and extraction of information passing on IT infrastructure. This software know-how is distributed in the format appliance (hardware sensors). Its field of action complements the tools of supervision (monitoring of active equipment) such as Cacti or Nagios.

Designed by ReactivOn network technology was developed to meet a wide range of needs which include:
  • the fight against the attacks network
  • optimization services to users
  • content billing
  • the retention of data up to 3 years
  • theinterception of traces for legal action

HistoryMenu ReactivOn

What is the target market?Menu ReactivOn

The ReactivOn technology can be presented as a strategic system interception and monitoring needs of a company or a country. The central database is able to aggregate information from multiple nodes in a network simultaneously. It can also be connected to external databases to increase the overlap of traces.

To take advantage of the benefits promised by cloud computing, companies come to entrust all their data but by becoming dependent on their performance. To meet the concerns that may cause any incident, ReactivOn provides tools so that these data do not remain a hidden treasure but rather a source of information to understand and solve with professionalism dysfunctions. In addition, our tools provide new opportunities for increased business competitiveness.

Quantifiable gainsMenu ReactivOn

We are in a period where organizations always generate more data whatsoever by the use of mobile terminals, electronic infrastructure, web transactions or various application services. Without analysis of each communication device, it is not possible to manage the fair value of this information. The flow analysis enables a significant productivity gain because it helps to improve production processes and decision-making. It is also a source of innovation for the DSI (measure of the level of risk much more precise than without surveillance system).

  • Manage the peaks of scalability (saturation BP)
  • Easily diagnose in a few clicks a malfunction
  • Adapt the policy of security and thereby reduce consumption of equipment
  • Rapid deployment of new services in anticipation of bottlenecks
  • Manage the provisioning of IT resources
  • Charge back costs of both infrastructure internally as 'clients' activities

ReactivOn is at your disposal to go furtherMenu ReactivOn

ReactivOn develops in France of hardware sensors dedicated to the analysis of trade in transit on computer networks. Originally designed for large companies, this technology meets a broad range of needs such as the fight against attacks, optimization of the application, the reproduction of symptoms, chargeback or the retention of data.

To find out more in detail the characteristics of the ReactivOn probes, we invite you to browse the brochures available on the site or on www.facebook.com/ reactivondirectly. To go further, you can make a request for demonstration to our teams.

They can guide you in the choice of the solutions most adapted to your market:
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