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What is network analysis?

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TimeCollection, in the heart of network performance analysis

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To deal with the complexity of a large-scale enterprise network ReactivOn offers a platform for monitoring ideally dimensioned using its range of probes TimeCollection.

In the same way that range RBox metrology network tools , probes CRT and TCM are delivered pre-installed, generally for a permanent collection in network core (example: storage array WAN-output Internet).

Meet the highest demands, these facilities are really innovative because they allow an exhaustive monitoring of the activity of the SI with cost control. Control of the application is based on a single module of inspection of both usable frames for the LAN for wide area networks.

See slideshow CRT / TCM

Strong points of the range TimeCollectionMenu ReactivOn

  • Identification of who, how, where up to 300 000 rpm stream
  • Reporting in real time via an industrial tool (key)
  • Mapping flow by flow from global to the detailed
  • Capture network 10 G networks-resistant ability
  • Monitoring of theuse of each application for 36 months
  • The sale, rental or by the traffic audit

TargetsMenu ReactivOn

  • Fight against the proliferation of botnets
  • Assess the State of readiness of the company to network attacks
  • Consider corrective measures to be taken to better protect your infrastructure

Summary of the technical characteristics of the rangeMenu ReactivOn

The four models TimeCollection are recommended for the links located in the heart of network up to 300,000 sessions per minute (number of competing communications). To be sure to use a properly sized probe, it is advisable to reflect particular consideration of the density of links to monitorupstream.

The rental mode is often relevant choice for a proof of concept or a one-time use. This offer is crucial to choosing the computing power of your appliance. ReactivOn is at your disposal to help you choose the most suitable sensor taking into account the density of the traffic you want to put under surveillance.

LAN Tablet

Note a discount for all rentals with commitment for 3 month (35%) and 6 months (-50%). For the purchase of an equivalent or greater probe within 60 days of the end of rent, a deduction of 50% of the rental cost is automatically applied.

Important: For more flexibility in the management of the collection points, we recommend your physical link upstream of each Analyzer ReactivOn aggregation. The definition of rules "port mirroring" / SPAN is generally the least expensive but the impact on the CPU of your active equipment may be visible. Cut using a housing implementation of mirroring passive (TAP) is a technical no impact but more expensive alternative.

What benefits await a probe in appliance format?Menu ReactivOn

  • Ready to use : housing autonomous and pre-installed, to connect to fill one or more points of the network
  • Simple to use with a user interface designed to be easy to access, even for non-specialists
  • Modular with a management at the request of the features enabled. Each sensor offers standard functions that can be supplemented by optional packs (software or hardware)
  • Implementation possible production mode Federated making interoperable analyzers ReactivOn to take advantage of a vision of all flows transited on each monitored remote site.
  • Mechanism of Fail-Over : in case of failure, the availability of the Analyzer is not impacted. The equipment is immediately restarted in the previous functional State known to offer maximum availability. ReactivOn recommends still subscribing to a maintenance contract for hardware support for any eventual failure.

ReactivOnMenu ReactivOn

is at your disposal for further

ReactivOn develops in France of hardware sensors dedicated to the analysis of trade in transit on computer networks. Originally designed for large companies, this technology meets a broad range of needs such as the fight against attacks, optimization of the application, the reproduction of symptoms, chargeback or the retention of data.

To find out more in detail the characteristics of the ReactivOn probes, we invite you to browse the brochures available on the site or on www.facebook.com/ reactivondirectly. To go further, you can make a request for demonstration to our teams.

They can guide you in the choice of the solutions most adapted to your market:
  • by phone:
  • using the contact form
  • email:

Voir une démonstration des sondes ReactivOn
TCR100 TCR500 TCR1000 TCM500
Local IP (recommended max.) 2 500 5 000 10 000 2 500
Average actual flow / 30 min. 100 Mbps 500 Mbps 1 Gbps 500 Mbps
Maximum throughput (burst) 2 Gbps 3 Gbps 4 Gbps 1 Gbps
Concurrent streams / min. 55 000 150 000 300 000 65 000
Format Rackmount
2U, 19 "x 26"
20 kg
31 x 24 x 4 cm
2.45 kg
Reporting by IHM
Subnets (max.) Unlimited
Active virtual areas 20 30 50 20
Port (s) of collection 2xGE (SFP optional) 3xGE 1 * SFP 10G 4xGE 1 * SFP 10G 1xGE 1 * SFP 10G
Optional SFP 10 G 1 1 1 -
Retention time 36 months
Storage PCAP 1 TB 2 TB 3 TB 200 GB
Price (excl. VAT) 7 €500 € 9,500 15 €000 16 €000
Annual maintenance 15% (function of coverage times)
Rent 1 month (excl. VAT) € 1,440 € 1 710 € 2,700 € 2,880
Rent 3 months (HT) € 2,880 € 3 420 € 5,400 € 5 760
Rent a 6 month (excl. VAT) € 5,400 6 €410 10 €125 € 10 800