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Our specialization in the analysis of IP traffic probes allows us to propose a format desktop, rackmount or touch pad. Each ReactivOn is manufactured in France and can monitor in autonomy infrastructure in order to improve the resolution of incidents.

The developed technology is built around a core of low-level language processing. Its first mission is to quickly capture flows in transit to archive them to disk. After having been stored as binary files, they are studied at regular intervals so that is established each time several dozens of different metrics.

The modularity of design of our technology allows us to offer highly efficient sniffers. For example, the period of visualization remains totally free (ex: from Monday 12 from 14:31 and until Friday 23 15:20) you're in global vision or within a perimeter of measurement (whose configuration is customizable). To do this, a mechanism for partitioning of traffic through virtual area (set of IP addresses and/or subnets) allows you to build dashboards perfectly in relation to your expectations. This technical advance is a real flexibility on a daily basis taking into account the variety of needs for a DSI to another.

  • How to make account of the proper use of the budgets allocated to the 'infrastructure' pole?
  • Is what guarantees be obtained about the involvement or non-network in a perceived slowness?
  • Is that the over-provisioning logic is actually the best solution to the achievement of the objectives IT?

Equipped with a ReactivOn parser, an it Department can communicate with its users about the reason of malfunction. The time management service earns efficiency (balanced distribution between production and assistance). Our appliances help you optimize the management of their traffic by focusing the analysis on the most essential elements of your network.

Features to expect extraction networkMenu ReactivOn

  • Synthetic activity vision at any point on the network
  • Distribution of communications through network / VLAN / virtual area
  • Detailed analysis of all flows (compliance with security policy configurations?)
  • Real-time detection of attacks network (botnets)
  • Classification of traffic on more than 300 protocols (including L2)
  • Breakdown of IP flows by application service, Protocol, and direction
  • The request filtering traffic on customizable criteria
  • Issuance of alert in case of anomalies detected on a threshold crossing

1 ° / provide relevant information about the mapping of network flowsMenu ReactivOn

Each probe features a heart treatment in charge of periodically establish an automated vision of the groups of traffic (for example all traffic from servers dedicated to e-mail). Earnings expected:
  • Help decision making to limit non-priority investment
  • Accompany the team network when deploying new services
  • Anticipate the problems in determining the frequency of failures

2 ° / analyze continuous utilization and the breakdown of traffic by application / protocolMenu ReactivOn

The module global vision, whose content is automatically refreshed every 120 seconds, allows the user to browse many indicators broken down by bandwidth, Protocol or service (couple IP/port). These measures synthesize behaviours and the most significant uses. The packet capture is performed in real time on each port's collection of the probe. Thus, it is possible:
  • Improve the efficiency of the team in charge of the resolution of threats to go to the basics
  • Provide responsive assistance and targeted to provide a satisfactory response to each user

3 ° / be alerted as soon as an anomaly network or security appearsMenu ReactivOn

In addition to a dynamic mapping between each configured measuring perimeter, an alerting module is included by default. Alerts emails may be issued on the basis of thresholds on many metrics (> 15).

The user has the possibility to define as many levels as needed: trigger type, the period of observation before launch of the alert, the severity or even emails targeted.
  • Be notified as soon as possible of congestion: the uses requiring significant rise

4 ° / supervise the perceived quality of the network in time Réel (analysis of each stream)Menu ReactivOn

The essential innovation of ReactivOn probes is embodied by module Search at the request. It allows access without limit and individual on each stream passed (without depreciation) and up to 36 months of age.

Access to the tracks is fully customizable because the user can retrieve communications meet filters specifically chosen to answer the question posed by the ISD, on the principle of a mode or.

5 ° / identify the existence, origin andimpact of slowdowns (network, server, application) "

The cause of a failure can be targeted simply through graphs and pre-calculs which are automatically reassembled by sniffer it network.

For example, a host who seeks to open ports on the network servers will be immediately detected as a 'dangerous' behavior in the overall vision
  • Identify anomalies of security to keep control of the network

6 ° / analyze the impact of a deployment of application on resources of the SIMenu ReactivOn

ReactivOn probes are regularly used to allow to establish a State of health of the network before and after deployment of new applications.

The impacts are so easily identifiable whether in terms of volumetric mail or density of exchanges.
  • Identify anomalies of security to keep control of the network
  • Justify the network needs in economic terms with application tracking

7 ° / diagnose abnormalities on the networkMenu ReactivOn

Through the research stream by stream module, whose accuracy is supplemented by the capture of programmable packets (PCAP), the user module can get important finesse by going to the content of an Exchange (payload).

With ReactivOn, you can pass to the microscope of large volumes of dataMenu ReactivOn

Network visibility bring our probes enables detection and effective treatment of anomalies. Priority is given to the most sensitive projects.

The goal of our customers is to avoid a costly redesign of the network infrastructure without precise indicators. To equip a metrology tool is to ensure a return on investment of a few weeks with a properly sizing of your projects. This is to give you ways to make your most cost-effective DSI without going through a problematic increase of the resources allocated.

It is not uncommon to see our customers contact us because the common proliferation of bandwidth does not avoid network delays. Probes ReactivOn accompanies you every day to achieve proactive management of your IT resources. The identification of each stream that flows and the instantaneous measurement of the under-performance is a more. You will be aware of the appearance of suspicious phenomena as soon as possible and thus anticipating congestion problems.

ReactivOn is at your disposal to go furtherMenu ReactivOn

ReactivOn develops in France of hardware sensors dedicated to the analysis of trade in transit on computer networks. Originally designed for large companies, this technology meets a broad range of needs such as the fight against attacks, optimization of the application, the reproduction of symptoms, chargeback or the retention of data.

To find out more in detail the characteristics of the ReactivOn probes, we invite you to browse the brochures available on the site or on www.facebook.com/ reactivondirectly. To go further, you can make a request for demonstration to our teams.

They can guide you in the choice of the solutions most adapted to your market:
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